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How it works:

    • Choose your square of choice and purchase from the options below (each representing a square on a 10x10 grid)
    • Purchase as many squares as you'd like
    • Numbers from 0-9 will be randomly assigned to each row & column after all squares are sold, but before kickoff
    • The last digit of each team's score at the end of each quarter in the game will intersect on the grid, pointing to a prize winner
    • For each prize, the same score but with the teams reversed, will also win a prize
    • Each square is $10
    • Total prize pool will be $1000
    • Only available for purchase online, until Saturday at 11:59pm
    • On Sunday, any remaining squares can be purchased in person at the brewery before kickoff
Super Bowl Squares

Prizes are as follows:

1st quarter correct score:


1st quarter correct score, but teams reversed:


Halftime correct score:


Halftime correct score, but teams reversed:


3rd quarter correct score:


3rd quarter correct score, but teams reversed:


Final Result correct score:


Final Score correct, but teams reversed:




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